Sitting around with my punks the other day, I asked them what they would love to see in their stockings for Christmas. Here’s a list that they helped me put together.  They swear these ideas are a hit, so go ahead and see for yourselves.

1. Jiggysticks   Our favorite lip balm ever.
2. Beef Jerkey
3.  Movie theatre gift card
4.  iTunes gift card
5.  Lightup Xbox remote
6.  iPhone Gloves
7.  Pocket knife
8.  Wool socks
9.  Beanie Hat
10.   Flashlight
11.  Candy
12.  Laser pointer
13.  Ear buds – My punks want Dr. Dre Beats.  These are a bit pricey though.
14.  Microsoft Points giftcard
15.  Xbox headset
16.  Airsoft pistol
17.  Airsoft BB’s
18.  Paintballs
19.  Sunglasses
20.  Paintball mask
21.  Cologne
22.  Giftcard to Hollister
23.  Giftcard to Best Buy
24.  Nerf Guns – Boys never outgrow nerd guns!
25.  Modern Warfare 3

Notice:  There is no coal listed.  They must think they’ve been good.  Anyways, I hope helps you with your holiday shopping!  Fa la la la la…

  1. Lisa says:

    Kelly, I just read this list to my teenage punk and he wholeheartedly agreed with your punks’ suggestions for Christmas stockings. According to him…”That’s legit!” And thanks for the shout out!

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