Fred & Sophia Bringe Saloon_edited-1

My cousin emailed me this picture last week.  This picture was taken around 1898 in a Saloon that my Great, Great Grandparents owned (I never knew that my family once owned a saloon).

The man behind the bar is my great, great-grandfather (Fred).  The woman standing at the end of the bar is my great, great-grandmother (Sophia).  The baby sitting on the end of the bar is my great-grandfather (Clarence), who I share the same birthday with (which I think is super cool).  That baby is my grandmother’s father (my dad’s grandfather on his mother’s side).

Attached to the email was this note from my cousin.

“For those that don’t know the story, they owned or at least ran the saloon in Williston. OH.  When the customers starting paying Grandpa (3 or 4 at the time) a penny to swear, Great Grandma said that’s enough of that and they left the bar business.”

This picture came from Johnson’s Lumber yard.  They say it had been hanging there for years (obviously).  Interestingly, Johnson’s Lumber yard was owed by my dad’s family on his father’s side (are you confused yet?).

Saloon owned by my dad’s mother’s side.
Picture hanging in lumber yard owned by my dad’s father’s side.

I loved seeing this moment in time.  I cannot quit looking at it.

Random, I know, but you’ve got to admit it’s pretty neat.

  1. Kayla says:

    I never, ever knew that my great, your great-great grandparents owned a saloon??? This is an amazing picture!! And ha, so funny (and confusing for those who don’t know that everyone around here is related ;-)) that Uncle Chuck’s family had it hanging in their business. Thanks for sharing!

    • Kayla says:

      too many greats. but, I think I have it figured out now haha. it would help if the men had different names other than Clarence or Fred!

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