Up before the roosters, they headed out to the DMV this morning with all the needed papers. After an hour (or so) he dances in the door and on the little paper that contained his signature was the biggest smile of his life.

So with some final instruction from Ol’ Blue Eyes…

he drove himself to school for the very first time.

I was sure to bless him (even though I’m not Catholic… can’t hurt), kiss him 432,389,234,554,965 times and told him to be CAREFUL! Then I pleaded the blood of Jesus over him (not kidding).

As I watched them drive off, I felt a little piece of my heart tear off. Little by little now (at warp speed) he is leaving my nest.

And this smile is SO BITTERSWEET to me. I wish him Godspeed, and all my blessing. Go, do and become what is your destiny and what you’ve been called to do. Things like this make me remember that you are not mine, just the one who has been entrusted to me… for a time. You are HIS, and HE has a purpose for you. I love you!

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