Well, my youngest punk talked me into taking him and his money to a skateboard shop.  This will be his 467,935,148th skateboard.  Now, why would you think I’m exaggerating?


Let’s just say that he was overwhelmed at the selection… and the price.  He finally settled on this one (because of the price).


They also had long boards (which I had never heard of).


My oldest punk wanted me to get this shot so that he could con  ask my dad to help him make one of his own.  If you only knew the projects they are constantly coming up with for their Papa.  Poor man is supposed to be retired, but not with these two punks around.


As soon as we walked out of the shop, my youngest punk HAD to try his board out.

IMG_7794 IMG_7797 

Now, he’s moved on to the endless begging asking me to take him to the skate park.  Has he forgotten that I still feel like this?



Why do I have the feeling that I’m going to be at the skate park soon?  Because you know and I both know that I am (gonna get suckered).  Well, wouldn’t you?  Those blonde curls… those blue eyes… He’s my baby.


What’s a mama to do, but give in and cough her lungs up all the way there and back?

Feelin the Love,

Suckered Mom of Punks

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