Kelly Webb smallHowdy. I’m Kelly and I’m married to a blue eyed Texan who stole my heart way back in the 90’s when my bangs were too tall for their own good. I’m mom to two handsome young men who are the best choice we ever made and a senior golden retriever.
I love to travel and am a bit of an adventurer and lover of history.
I love art, visiting art museums, and trying my hand at painting and creating.
I LOVE photography. Capturing emotion, my travels and my family are my favorite.
I’m a bit smitten with natural health and taking care of our needs as naturally as possible using essential oils, chiropractic, biofeedback, acupuncture and massage to name just a few of my favorite things.
I call my sons my punks. I probably will always call them my punks, hence the name of this blog… I’m My Punks Mom. Welcome to this site. I hope you stay awhile and have a look around.