Ok, so here’s the truth…

Last week,  Ol’ Blue Eyes and I… along with our punks… headed across the pond to London, England and Paris, France.

Ol’ Blue Eyes had been invited to speak at a University in the UK concerning Information Technology and Higher Education and so on and so forth (please don’t go to sleep).  My punks and I didn’t want him to be sad and lonely, so we decided to tag along (we’re nice like that).  So Ol’ Blue Eyes and I  pulled our punks out of school and flew across the pond to spend a few days in London, then we took the Eurostar to Paris for a few days (and ate many delicious pastries… burp).

Here’s some more truth…

I’m battling jet lag (ugh).

I’m so glad to be home (oh.  so.  glad.)

I have a lot of pictures to go through, and some I still have not downloaded.

We’ve hit the ground running back here at home and I don’t know if I’m coming or going, what time zone I’m in, what’s my name, Toto?

My heater keeps insisting on giving me fits and I really need it fixed… permanently (grrr).

I’m… ugh, just lost my thought again.  It’s 4:30pm here.  Is it time for bed?


to begin my many posts that will be about our trip and the various places we visited, here is a journal entry my youngest punk wrote.  This was after a day at the d’Orsay Museum (impressionism = naked women… and sometimes {but not near as often} men), crepes, pastries, and baguettes.  He may have been in a carb coma… but I think he summed his day up pretty accurately (and a bit sarcastically… I don’t know where he gets that).  So for now, I’ll leave you with his thoughts for the day while I try to get myself back in order around here… Au revoir


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