AND THE WINNER IS… Kristina Kazarian!

Kristina said:

Why do you think women have a hard time with self care? And how do you think this Brave Girl class might help you get through the holiday season?

I think women have a hard time with self-care because we’re so emotionally driven. We try to help and take care of others because that’s in our natural instinct, but because of that we tend to forget about ourselves often. For me personally, i’m a full time nursing student. I work hard to be where i’m at and i’m often faced with many emotions all at once. Fear, anxiety, love, sadness, joy, and much more flood into my life when i least expect it or need it. A Brave Girls Class would be just what i need to rejuvenate and restore my tired, anxious, and overwhelmed heart. Before i did nursing i was a photography major and still to this day run my photography business capturing newborns and all their bitty details. It’s what i love to do, and i hope to some day be able to take a break from studying nursing and live in my creative cloud once more. I just miss it- and hope to one day be able to have an outlet to create in that’s simple and doable. That’s why i’ve been looking into Soul Comfort.

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