This was the sky this morning.  It held every kind of warning for the day.  This day of 60 mph winds (from hell)(Sorry).  This day that I finally (after 4 weeks) went to the doctor and he said “I think your asthma is back.”  Ugh.  Grrr.  Thump!  (That was me falling on the floor.)  You could’ve knocked me over with a feather!  I never thought my asthma would come back!  I outgrew it!  No one ever told me it could come back!  Argh!  So for the day, I am seeking the shelter of my home, and looking at my pictures from this weekend.


Saturday, my dad dropped off a trailer full of firewood.  My oldest punk kept finding pieces that were gun shaped.  It’s a male thing… I think.


While they hauled firewood, I walked around and took pictures of flowers…


and longed for the day when I get a macro lens.


It’ll be coming after Ol’ Blue Eyes gets a new shotgun for Duck season.  It works like that, you see.  His turn, my turn, his turn, my turn.  It’s all about give and take in a marriage.  At least, that’s what works for us… Ok, and possibly these.


I find cupcakes to be very persuasive, but don’t tell Ol’ Blue Eyes.  I can’t have him figure my manipulations tactics shenanigans ruse strategy.


OBE:  What you’d say babe?

MPM:  Oh, nothing honey.  Thanks for hauling all that firewood with the punks.  Can I get you a cupcake?

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