Just for fun on this Halloween day, I thought I would give you a few clues to each of my punks costumes.  You can make your guesses in my comments section if you like.

My oldest punk:

1.  He talks with an accent.

2.  He wears a skirt and carries a sword.

3.  He wanted freedom.

My youngest punk:

1.  He likes hockey, especially the mask.

2.  He likes the dark.

3.  He likes to scare people.

Oh, and because Ol’ Blue Eyes and I think you are never too old to dress up, we are going to be joining our punks in the fun.  Here’s some clues for us.

1.  We sing.

2.  Our shoes give us an extra 4 inches of height.

3.  We like makeup.

Have fun!  I’ll reveal the answers tonight with lots of pictures!

H A P P Y  H A L L O W E E N ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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