On Saturday, my oldest punk left the house with the garage broom looking like this.


But when he did this…


I knew I had to follow him and his friends out to the Cadillac Ranch. Some friends from his old school, along with many other people all gathered to record a Harlem Shake video. Harlem Shake videos are taking over You Tube, and now my punks have joined the madness.


Even Iron Man showed up for the event!


Here they are waiting for take one!


This is our main character of the video. He dances his way across the cadillacs like a crazy man with a feather headdress.


There was a lot of energy there with everyone dressed up and ready to do the Harlem Shake!


It was finally time for everyone to shake their groove thing, I mean, do the Harlem Shake!


My youngest got in on the fun too. He’s there in the middle (white hair, royal blue jacket, khaki pants) shaking his, I mean doing the Harlem Shake!


These kids… and adults…. were having a blast!


Here’s the video!

Mom: (because I know you’ll ask me) your oldest grandson is on top of the 3rd Cadillac from the right (please don’t freak out, he didn’t fall), and the other one is the white haired kid jumping all over the place in the middle/right of the big group.

Now, let’s do the Harlem Shake!

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