Matthew drumline 1
(Photo courtesy of  Renee Whitaker)

Have I ever mentioned:

  • that my oldest punk plays in drumline for his school?

Those are his mallets.

  • that my oldest punk can have a very funny sense of humor at times?

We have no idea where this comes from.

  • that my oldest punk is creative and seems to view things differently than others from time to time?


  • that my oldest punk is very creative, artistic and a fantastic writer?
  • that my oldest punk has faith that inspires me to be a better person?
  • that my oldest punk is one of the neatest kids I know?
  • that my oldest punk has a smile that lights up the room and a contagious laugh?
  • how thankful I am that God blessed us with him?
  • that his name means “Gift from God” and that is exactly what he is?
  • that I love him so much, my heart can’t hardly hold it?
  • that I admire him and that he inspires me?

I just wasn’t sure if I’d ever mentioned that, so I thought today I would.



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