Well, are you surprised?   My son is so happy because he’s found some friends to meet up at the skate park with, and guess who coughed her way all the way up there (with her camera, of course) and back home?


And guess who was the only punk who was wearing a helmet, elbow and knee pads in the entire park?  Yep, my youngest punk. 


He was the only one with his skateboard.  His friends brought their BMX bikes…


that my oldest punk borrowed…


a few times.  He’s now decided this is what he wants for his birthday (here we go again).


The tricks that I saw these kids doing entertained me the entire time I was there.  They would just drop down into the bowl and skate all over the place looking as though they are defying gravity.  Then they would fly right up out of the bowl, grab their skateboard from under them and land on their feet.


It was crazy… and amazing… but crazy! 

As for my punk, he mastered a little ramp that day with the encouragement of these strangers who turned out to be pretty nice guys.


I am proud to report that we came home without an injury (thank you Lord).


My punk is pretty tickled with himself and ready to go back for more (heaven help me).


The good news is that before he went to the skate park, he had grand ideas of dropping into the bowl on his first try.  After 30 seconds at the park, he realized what was a dream and what was reality and a bit of fear began to set in (whew!).


But do you see that smile?  That smile of satisfaction?  I know that smile (uh oh).  That smile leads to wanting to try the next impossible thing.  That smile is one of confidence and achievement and ready to conquer the next challenge (Oi).

So today I’m wondering, how can I wrap him in a padded suit, with his motorcycle helmet for the next time we go?  I mean really, is that asking too much?  Do you think he will notice?

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