I have not posted a recipe in a while because:

a.  I keep trying new things in the kitchen and forget my camera.

b.  I’ve been frustrated with the lighting in my kitchen to take pictures.

c.  I’ve been researching how to take better pictures in my kitchen.

d.  I’ve given up and have decided to go ahead and post another recipe.

Last week, I had a bad cold.  I crave, I crave, I crave homemade chicken noodle soup when I am sick.  The downside to this is that no one in my house makes it but me.  I could tell Ol’ Blue Eyes how to make it, but he was out-of-town.  So the moment he got back, I had him help me stir up some soup.

This is really simple, and is my standby recipe.  Here is what you will need.


Typically, I use wide egg noodles, but I had these noodles in my pantry to use up.

First melt 3/4 stick of butter in a pan. 


Finely chop onion and 2 cloves of garlic and saute in melted butter.  Mmmmm.


Now, chop carrots and celery.  Add to pan and saute about 10 minutes, until tender.  I have a tendency to use more celery than carrots.  I don’t like my soup to be sweet from the carrots.

IMG_8051_edited-1 Now, if there’s one thing Ol’ Blue Eyes loves to do for me, it is debone a rotisserie chicken.  This is due to the fact that he snacks as he goes.Marriage is all about compromise, right?


While he’s doing that, I put another pot of water on to boil for my noodles.  I always add a tablespoon or two of chicken bouillon to the water for extra flavor.  Trust me.  It’s just better this way.


Once your vegetables are tender, add 4 cups of water and 2 tsp. of bouillon to your vegetables and let that come to a boil.


Once your chicken is deboned, I dice the meat into bite size pieces and add to my vegetable mixture.


Bring this up to a boil so that all the flavors can mix.


Add some parsley… fresh if you have it!

About this time your noodles should be done.


But we need to save that broth, so this is what I do.


I know, it’s another pot, and we hate to do dishes, but we need to save the broth.  Ok?

Now, add your noodles to your soup.  Add broth as you need it.  (In my case, I used all but about a cup of the broth.)


Serve with love.


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