It has been way, way, way, way way too long since I made homemade chocolate chip cookies.
I’ve been craving homemade chocolate chip cookies (and some dough).
It’s Monday Night Football. 
It’s clouding up outside and looks like we’re going to get an evening thunderstorm. 
The house is clean.  The laundry is caught up (for 5 minutes, ok, now it’s not). 
I’ve settled into my yoga pants and one of Ol’ Blue Eyes big t-shirts, so it  seemed like the next thing to do.
Make some homemade goodness.
Now, my punks never want that premade cookie dough ever, ever again. (Ugh oh)
They think I’m a cookie angel now.  (Hee Hee, Hoo Hoo, Ha Ha!)
I love it when my punks love my cookin.
I love the smell of cookies baking in my oven.
I love the smell of rain outside.
I love yoga pants and Ol’ Blue Eyes big t-shirts.

What do you love?

  1. qb says:

    Well, to begin with, CC cookies that pass the test: they must be at least 3″ in diameter, and when balanced across qb’s extended index finger, they must curl around the finger by their own weight such that each half is hanging straight up and down.

    And they must use 100% dairy butter rather than Crisco or margarine. qb’s arteries need constant reinforcing.


  2. My Punks Mom says:

    qb- rest assured, these are sure do some arterial reinforcing! Crisco & margarine are generally bad words in this house. Butter, butter and more butter with a side of butter is the only way to go 🙂

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