I’ve decided since I’m walking down memory lane, I may as well continue and  post some pictures from Paris.   Notre Dame Cathedral seems a good place to start.


We toured Notre Dame and when we came out, it was dark.  It was so beautiful all lit up at night.


It is said that The Crown of Thorns was brought here in 1239.


Notre Dame is French for “Our Lady.”


The cathedral is built on an island called Île de la Cité.


Construction of Notre Dame de Paris began under Henry XII in 1163. Before this cathedral, there had been others on this same site. The first was a Roman cathedral dedicated to the God Jupiter. Then, there was a Christian basilica followed by Cathedral of St. Etienne, a Romanesque cathedral.


It took 180 years to build Notre Dame.


The cathedral was finished around 1345.


During the French Revolution the cathedral was desecrated, and statues and treasures were destroyed.


Notre Dame de Paris was among the first buildings in the world to use the flying buttress (arched exterior supports).


The Cathedral will be 850 years old December 12, 2012.


Overall, the Cathedral is very dark and dimly lit, but it is truly magnificent to walk through history.  During a time of widespread illiteracy, they used stained glass and tapestries to depict the story of Christ and that is evident as you stroll through Notre Dame.  There is a soulfulness, a connectedness, a somber awareness of the history and faith that has tread right where you walk.  This is what I love about traveling… the ability to be a part of  living history.

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