after all my brainstorming, it was so vivid and clear to me.


i want to become:

  • an inspired and faithful child of God
  • a faithful & dedicated wife
  • an available & loving mom
  • a devoted daughter
  • an encouraging sister
  • generous
  • optimistic
  • a lover of nature
  • content
  • one who lives to inspire and not impress
  • kinder
  • quick to forgive
  • humble
  • positive
  • a decorator
  • an artist
  • a photographer
  • wise in my speech
  • one who esteems others higher
  • a servant
  • a traveler
  • a listener
  • one who prays fervently
  • better at developing my strengths
  • one who appreciates different opinions
  • pleasant
  • gentle
  • honest
  • wise
  • merciful
  • one who lives with intention

what do you want to become in 2011?

it’s yours for the taking.

  1. Teresa Stark says:

    Beautiful Kel, just beautiful!! I think for me this year is about “owning up”. Owning up to my own self, to my own voice, to the right to be me, to be present, to be giving. Owning my responsibilities with pride in the blessings of them, instead of dread or heaviness. “Owning up” to my role as a mother, wife, sister, and friend. Holding my head up and owning my own space and being okay in that space. Being okay in my own decisions without constant second guesses. “Owning up” to my commitment to living in the present and not the past. I love you – thanks for the constant inspiration!

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