I’m just a little bit late in blogging about my one word for this year. In 2011, my word was BECOME, in 2012 my word was RESTORATION, and this year, my word is TRUE. In other words, what is true? Through my restoration year, something that kept occuring to me was that I’ve held on to some lies that have only hurt myself.



The damage that this has done to my heart has been huge. Living in the truth comes with such freedom. Alot of things that I thought were my fault, really had nothing to do with me. It had to do with them. So this is the year that I get really real about what is true and I let the rest fall away.


***In case you’re wondering who made this beautiful ceramic heart for me, it’s my talented “true” friend and ceramic artist, Jennifer Auvermann. She’s an art teacher by day and a ceramic artist by night. You can find her designs locally in Amarillo at Belmar Bakery, but this summer, she will be getting an Etsy shop up, and I can hardly wait!


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