Ol’ Blue Eyes and our punks arose at 4 am and left by 4:30 to head to Lake Meredith to go duck hunting this morning.


Ol’ Blue Eyes knows that there are certain things that make me very happy…


and taking pictures for me is one of them.

The guys couldn’t believe how low the lake has gotten.  It is really sad.


My punks found 3 anchors, empty bottles and even a pair of dentures.


My oldest punk helps his Papa (my dad) put out the decoys.


Right as they put the decoys out, these come in and land.  There was not enough time for them to get into the blind they made out of tumble weeds (darn it).

These were the only ducks they saw all morning.  They came home empty handed (darn it again).

Luckily for them, I had a great dinner bubbling in the crockpot.  Food always makes defeat better.  It just does.


Don’t worry, I’ll be nice and share the recipe (that is oh, so easy) with you.  It’s called Busy Day Beef (coming soon).

Now my punks are killing carving their pumpkins.


The mess.  Ugh.  The mess.  I’m thinking I’m needing a pumpkin spice latte now.

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