Today we will finish the first week of school. My youngest starts school this year about 2-3 inches taller than last year, looking more and more like the teen he is.


I’m watching him come into himself with confidence which is hard to come by in jr. high, but what I see is he is truly finding himself and I think confidence comes from that.


My oldest started a new school this year after his old one closed at the end of school last year.


He has faced this with a brave heart that has left me with such admiration of him and his courage.


Life is nothing but change. We can either accept it or fight it. We cannot change what IS. We have to accept what IS, and then we walk in peace. At a soul deep level, my oldest knows and walks in what has taken me most of my life to align within myself.


An while I find them completely handsome, I see so far past that to their souls. They are beautiful people with gentle, tender hearts who have become compassionate through their own struggles.


Taking it all just one day at time…

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