Let me say that again…

Nothing is sacred.

Today, I happened upon this.


Let me explain.

When taking pictures of whatever tickles my fancy at the moment, or if I need a white background, or a little reflector, I use white foam board.  I keep them tucked away between a wall and a cabinet in the garage for safe keeping.  Then, when I need them, I know right where they are.


Today I heard a strange noise from the back of the house, so I walked into my youngest punks room and found my foam board like this.

You need a better look, don’t you?


I think it is safe to say, this is no longer a pretty background.  This is definitely a target.

My youngest punk is in his nonstop creative mode (translation: finding youtube videos on how to make cool stuff).  He recently assembled these miniature crossbows that shoot (another item I’ve noticed missing) bamboo skewers.


My little inventor took some pencils, chopsticks, small paper clamps, rubber bands, old markers, electrical tape and proceeded to get my hot glue gun out saying “don’t worry mom” and made this.

So, in case you need me, I’ll be at the store getting more foam board and bamboo skewers… because as you can so clearly see… in this house… creativity abounds and nothing is sacred.

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