I’ve been spending a lot of time looking through old Halloween pictures lately, and I thought this one might be a good way to introduce you to one of our pampered pooches.  His name is Cisco.  Cisco the Kid.  Ol’ Blue Eyes named him when we picked him (actually he picked us) out of a liter of golden retriever pups. He just came over and laid down beside me and snuggled with me.  He never moved as all the other puppies were crawling all over the place.


For those of you who don’t know, Ol’ Blue Eyes is an IT Professional (computer nerd) and used to work for Cisco Systems in Research Triangle Park,  North Carolina, so he thought that was a cool name (poor dog).  Here is one of the most precious photos you will ever see.


Cisco was born on my oldest punks birthday in 2003.  He will be seven years old in November.  The past year, he’s been turning gray around his eyes and nose and having a hard time with his hips (I understand ol’ buddy). 


Cisco is my oldest punks dog.  We all love him, but they are simpatico.  He is the most calm dog that has ever lived.  To this day, all he does is sleep and cuddle and lay down so the kids can lay on him while they play games or watch TV or a movie.


Raise your hand if you like goldens, ever had a golden, have a golden, miss your golden (raises both hands).  I just love golden’s.  They truly are golden.  Everybody should have a golden.  Amen.

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