Do you remember my post, Paying it forward?  It was about when my oldest punk decided he wanted to play football, but had no idea what he was doing because he hadn’t played since his flag football days.  My friends son, David Moseley, emailed me and asked if I thought my punk would want some pointers.  David had just a few weeks left in town as he was about to ship out to California and become a Marine.  Well, in just two weeks, he will graduate and BE a Marine.

Here he is, in the middle.image

Before and paying it forward.                                                   After and paying it forward.


We are so proud of you D-Mose!  Your Mama (and Si Si) could not be prouder of you.  You are an amazing leader and example for my punks!  I cannot wait to see what wonderful opportunities open up for you.

Matthew did great in football because of you and what you taught him.  He tossed people around like ragdolls and even caught an interception.  You would be so proud of him. (I was screaming like a nut and didn’t catch it in a picture or video… it happens.)

Semper fi!  Always faithful.  That comes naturally to you.  You’ve amazed me, and you have since I met you as a 7th grade young man.  You’ve been a faithful friend to my other punk, and I’ve loved being able to watch your journey (and become great friends with your mama).

Now, let’s get this graduation thing over with so you can come home and we can see you!!!  It’s time for a Welcome Home party!!!  Woot!  Woot!

All our love and support,

The Webbs

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