About the coolest thing happened over the Labor Day weekend, and I just have to write about it.  My (sweet, wise) friend Marica has a son.  His name is David.  We call him D, or D-Mose. (Don’t ask me about it, it’s just the way it is.)  Anyways, D found out about my oldest punk playing football and was pretty pumped up about it.  Then he found out what position he was playing, and was really excited for him, as this was what D used to play.  D has always loved playing football.  He eats, breathes (and has smelled like) football.  He’s gone to summer football camps, and was even awarded a scholarship to play a bit of college football (D is a football player, but he’s also a brainiac).  But what he did next nearly knocked the breath out of me and Ol’ Blue Eyes.  He offered to work with my (wet behind the ears) punk and teach him everything he’s learned to help transition my punk into the game and keep him safe.

I have always known that D has a heart that’s as big as the size of Texas, but this still left me in awe, speechless, grateful, and teary.

So many times, we see how we can help someone along, but how many times do we act on it?  How many times do we make time to do it?

Something else you should know is that D is headed to the Marines on September 20th.  D felt a call, a longing, to be all that we could be and more  (I know that’s the Army’s call, but it’s appropriate here) and several months ago, he signed up to go.  I am not entirely surprised.  Like I said, D has a heart the size of Texas, he always encouraged his team mates, he’s a natural born leader and has a selflessness and determination about him like I’ve never seen.  Qualities that I hope my punks have one day.  Qualities that this beloved country needs more of from it’s youth. 

So I guess you could say, D is paying it all forward.  The camps, the training, the encouragement, the coaching… all of it.  I guess you could say in his own way, he’s leaving a legacy, just as my dad is.  All I know is that the country is getting a good  young man with outstanding character.  And while I am sad to see him go, (because I have now adopted D and my mama’s heart has a hard time letting go) I eagerly await with the greatest expectation of the awesome transformation of young adult to man.  Of seeing good go to great.  Come September 20th, I will stand with your mama and send out into the universe all the good, all the hope, all the love so that it will return to me.

 So here’s a shout out to you D, Hoo-rah!  Semper fi!   Always faithful, yes, you are… to the end. 

I promise to pray for your guidance and  protection, your footsteps and the hairs upon your head while you serve this country.
Thank you D.  We love you.


    This is so amazing the few times that I have shared with my niece and her children have left me so in awe at the love that that they share….my niece is a wonderful mom as it shows in the manner she has raised her children…D has a quality about him that show in his wonderful smile and to know that he is going to serve in the marines makes me very proud to have the honor to be called his aunt. I love you D and this is all of what you are and more. God has truely blessed you and I will always have you in my prayers as you go off to the Marines. Marica you have an awesome friend in Kelly. Thank you Kelly for this wonderful story. God Bless You.

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