pheasant hunt 2010

My dad just returned from a pheasant hunt in South Dakota.  He is in the middle of this picture, and my brother is to the left (my dad’s right) and my dad’s younger brother next to him (my brother).  I am related all (but I think 2) of these handsome men.  They came from Ohio, my brother from North Carolina, and my dad from Texas for this family hunt.

I think that’s about the coolest thing, ever.

Dad brought home a lot of pheasant, and for Thanksgiving day, he fried some up after he fried our turkey.

It.  Was.  Delicious.

In a few weeks, Ol’ Blue Eyes and my dad are headed back to the Patching Ranch in Happy, Texas for a pheasant hunt.

Here’s to hoping Ol’ Blue Eyes comes home with his limit (crossing fingers).

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