160/365 Always getting my door for me
160/365 Always getting my door

161/365 FAntasmic Golf with the family
161/365 Fantasmic Gold with the family

162/365 Driving home
162/365 Driving Home

163/365 Surprise gift in the mail from a sweet friend
163/365 Mail surprise

164/365 Misbehaving Mutt on lease duty since she forgot some of her manners.
164/365 Misbehaving Mutt on leash duty

165/365 Squirrel!
165/365 Squirrel!

166/365 Happy Father’s Day!
166/365 Happy Father's Day!

and I had to share this Father’s Day outtake that’s out of focus but makes my heart smile 🙂
166b/365 Father's Day Outtakes

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