Ok, seriously y’all, I’m blazing a new trail over here. I even took a selfie this week, and  that is cray. Come take a look at week 6.

34/365 He just spotted his favorite human. Around 4pm everyday, this boy paces through the house until my son comes home. It’s the sweetest thing.
34/365 He just spotted his favorite human

35/365 Awoke to snow.Really wanted to catch some snowflakes today, but the snow had already fallen when we woke up. Hoping for snow during the day before winter is over.
35/365 Awoke to snow

36/365 All bundled up! (also known as the Winter ninja.)
36/365 All bundled up!

37/365 Up Close. My oldest was playing with my macro lens and ring flash and captured this.
37/365 Up Close

38/365 Prairie Dog. Bark! Bark! Bark! They are so funny to watch.
38/365 Prairie Dog

39/365 Processor – Cleaned house today and came across an old computer processor. Thought it would be neat to capture with my macro lens.

39/365 Processor

40/365 Selfie – I needed an updated photo of myself for some projects. I’m much more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it . Also, I never do my hair straight like this.
40/365 Selfie

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