#This week started off with an awesome, perfect snowflake and ended with a family movie. My life isn’t the most exciting, but it’s mine and I love it.
Here’s a look at Week 7.

41/365 Power Plant Snow
An interesting phenomena set up this morning as some of the power plants are causing something similar to lake effect snow. We have a really cold airmass in place, and as the plants release the heat and moisture from its stacks, condensation occurs and light snow is beginning to develop. With northeasterly winds in place, it’s pushing those areas of light to even moderate snow right down toward us. (Can you tell I copied this from the weatherman?)41/365 Power Plant Snow

42/365 I see faces
One of the Brownie cameras from my collection.42/365 I see faces

43/365 Brownie HawkeyeCamera
Another Brownie Camera from my collection.43/365 Brownie Hawkeye Camera

44/365 Pain Day
I don’t handle medication very well, so when I have a pain day, I use essential oils. These were the ones I that helped me along today. I’m so thankful for these oils.44/365 Pain day

45/365 Will You?
He can hardly wait for your answer!
45/365 Will you?

46/365 Today I watercolored
It took me less than 5 minutes to throw some watercolor on this sketch from a note card I received last week. A fun little creative minute 🙂46/365 Today I watercolored

47/368 The Monuments Men
Today we went to see The Monuments Men. It was such a good movie. I am so thankful for those men and the many precious works that were able to recover.47/365 The Monuments Men

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