On the same day my oldest punk turned fourteen, this cute, little fella had a birthday too.


Cisco turned seven years old.  Forty-nine in dog years.

He turned gray this year around his eyes and nose.  He is the sweetest, most mellow and gentle dog I’ve ever known.

We love and adore him, can you tell?

We got him a bone.  A birthday bone.


He is out in the backyard right now enjoying it all by himself.

His tail is wagging mindlessly.

All is right in the world… but not for Batgirl.

Batgirl is not happy.  Batgirl is confused.  Batgirl is wondering what in the Sam-heck is going on around here!

Who is Batgirl you ask?


Daisy is Batgirl.

Daisy keeps giving me the stink eye.

Do you see it?

How about this?


I see it, and it’s called givin the stink-eye!

She wants to know where her bone is.

“Mama?  I know you got me one!  Hand it over!”

Ok, fine!

I’m such a sucker.


Suckered mom who easily gives into 2 punks with blue eyes and 2 furry punks with brown eyes

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