1.  This is my favorite snack.  I LOVE this salsa.  I love pretty much anything that is Fire Roasted.


2.  Those balloons are “air-soft grenades” that my punks invented.


3.  Cisco hates for us to play outside without him.


4.  There is serious business happening on our block today.


5.  I can’t believe we finished trap season, and my oldest got 24 straight several times.  I’m amazed by my punks.  They inspire me.IMG_6523

6.  I think this picture of Ol’ Blue Eyes is sexy. 


7.  My punk got bored in school, so he drew this and pretended he was playing a game.  I have to say that although I’m concerned that he’s bored at school…


I’m impressed with his imagination and his skill.  Here is what the real deal looks like.


8.  This new watercolor set makes me so, very happy.  I love the rainbow of colors. 


9.  While I was sick, my mom made me homemade vegetable soup with rivlets and sent me home with an extra helping.  I’ll be posting the recipe soon.  If you don’t know what rivlets are, they are dumplings made of egg & flour.  Pennsylvania Dutch, Amish, and Germans make them alot… as does my mom.


10.  My youngest punk heard that I had hiccups the other day and jumped out from around the corner wearing this.  Isn’t he thoughtful?  I mean, surely he was just thinking of me… right?  Totally unrelated to this, I still hold by my thought that moms of all boys live a shorter life span.  Don’t ask me what made me think of that.

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