To say I had a FANtastic weekend doesn’t hardly sum it up, but here’s how it went.

It started with this at 4am Saturday morning.

photo (2)

My punks went duck hunting with my dad.  They said they got three ducks, but that a hawk came down and stole two of them, so they only came home with one duck.  Hmmmm.

Then we headed to the WTAMU President’s home for a pre-game reception, but this time we got to take the biggest WTAMU Buff Fans in the panhandle of Texas… my neighbors, Vernon and Beverly Zearley.  They were pleased as punch to finally get to meet Coach Carthel

photo (3)

and WTAMU President Dr. Patrick O’Brien and his wife Karen.


Right after the reception, we headed to Hastings where The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, was having a book signing.  My books were ready.


We picked up my punks and headed to the book signing.  They had not showered.  They had not brushed their teeth.  One had fallen in the lake and was very smelly, but onward we went because I figured since the Drummond Dudes smelled cattle, mud and manure everyday, my smelly child would not phase them… and he didn’t.  We got to Hastings and waited,


and got to know the people in front of and behind us very well.  This man was particularly entertaining.  He said he was going to try on every hat along our winding path throughout the bookstore.  After about ten minutes, he gave up and headed to the coffee shop to watch football with the rest of the chivalrous husbands who had come to accompany their wives.


My oldest played on his iphone.


My youngest thought Pioneer Woman was fine and all, but this would have all been better if Charlie had come.


We waited some more.  It was getting painful, literally, my dogs were barking, but wait!  Do my eyes deceive me?  Is that a cowboy hat peeking  out from the side of the bookshelf under the clearance sign?  Could it be??


I cannot completely confirm that Marlboro Man was at the bookstore as he was not wearing chaps.


However, these two precious pumpkins came along and acted like they knew him, in fact, that precious little one was pleading his case to Marlboro Man for something, but I cannot even recall because once I saw his eyelashes, I was done for.


We finally rounded the corner, my dogs barking and all, and there was Ree.


I think she went through 472 Sharpee markers.  She was there almost six hours!  I don’t  know how she did it, but she did and here I was toward the end of the line and she’s still smiling, still visiting, still taking pictures like we were the first ones in line.


There are moments in your life when you come across people who are just good people.  Ree and the Drummond Dudes and friends are all good people, plain and simple.


Marlboro Man signed my books too… if that was really Marlboro Man.


As if this weren’t enough, my day was only getting better, because sitting beside Ree was a friend of mine (and Ree’s) that I’ve kept up with through the internets, but hadn’t met in person until now.  You’ll have to come back tomorrow to hear all about her and the rest of my FANtastic weekend!

  1. Julie {Another Chance Ranch} says:

    Okay. The dude that tried on all the hats came up by the table we were sitting at and got to close to the alarm. He was holding merchandise and announced to the whole crowd that he was NOT stealing the hedgehog stocking cap. He promised! LOL

    And about picture 8 in this post, I am not liking Ol’ Blue Eyes’ energy here!! LOL

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