Surely this happens to everyone at least once in their lifetime.


Our Saturday started out like any other Saturday.

We slept in.  We drank coffee.  We decided to infinitely stay in our pj’s.

Ol’ Blue Eyes crawled back in bed for the third time to laze around and…

I said:  “Remember, we are going to put the Christmas decorations up today.”

He said:  “But we have to clean up the attic just to get to the decorations.

I said:  “I know, but it must be done.”

He said nothing.  Then moans of agony came from my living room and…

My youngest punk said:  “No mom!  You said the evil words!  CLEAN THE ATTIC!!!”  (He also says this when I tell him to get a shower.)

I said to Ol’ Blue eyes:  “You all conspire against me.”

He said:  “Yes dear, I telepathically hit the testosterone network around here to speak with my minions.”

I said:  “I am certain that you do.” and walked out of the room.

Then I heard banging and sliding around in the attic and I was pleased as punch that we were going to get our decorations up.  I began to blog and live life in a merry way.

Then I saw a foot come through my ceiling and insulation fall all over the floor.


Here’s the bad news:

I have a hole in my ceiling.


Here’s the good news:

Ol’ Blue Eyes wasn’t seriously hurt and holes in your ceiling can be fixed. As an added bonus, Ol’ Blue Eyes knows how to fix holes in our ceiling.


IMG_7600_edited-1 copy

This is what his minions are doing while he is patching the ceiling.





So I thought it only appropriate to ask him… “Aren’t you going to hit the testosterone network and telepathically tell your minions to help you fix the ceiling?”

IMG_7586_edited-1 copy

We didn’t get our Christmas decorations up Saturday.

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