So, I’ve been sick with this thing called asthma.  Last night we got a good freeze, and I’m hoping that all will start to settle down.  Being sick, I’ve lost my mojo and feel I’m spiraling into an uncreative state.  Ugh.  So, yesterday, I did what any creative person would do who is looking for their mojo again.  I headed to Hobby Lobby and wouldn’t you know… my muse found me once again.  I bought this


and this


and I was ready.  I could hardly wait to try these brushes.  You fill them with water and squeeze and “whaa – laa”  they are magical.  They are on my desk this morning.


I gave these a test drive and I fell in love.  I am so comfortable with these as opposed to real paint brushes.  I don’t know what it is, but here’s a glance into my sketch book.


I admit, I am not the best at drawing or painting, but I just wanted to play.  I wanted to find my muse, my mojo, my creativity.  I wanted color.  I wanted happiness and bright colors make me happy.


So does this little guy… and the candy that he brings (just being honest!).  Only three more days till my punks play trick and I hand out treats.  Happy Halloween everyone!

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