My oldest punk turned fifteen last week. I am just now posting about this because:
A. I have been in a state of shock.
B. I have been denying the truth of this.
C. I have been reminded (by my punk) that he will be driving in 52 weeks… only now it’s 51 weeks.
D. The thought of C sends me right back to B, thus you can see I am getting nowhere here.


But on a serious note…

Here’s something I heard this week that has left me thinking about how I mother my sons.

“Mothers, we never know who we hold in our arms.” ~Beth Moore


You never know, you may be holding the next leader, president, inventor, astronaut. The next missionary who leads countless numbers to Christ. The next scientist who finds the cure for cancer.  The next artist, teacher, writer, nurse, doctor, etc. I could have the next Olympic Trap shooter on my hands!  My point is, any of these you could be holding right there in your arms. Pharaoh’s daughter didn’t know she held Moses.  David’s mother just thought she had another son, but she held a King.  Talk about an amazing perspective to keep in mind as we raise our children.

As for me, I am still amazed at who I held in my arms fifteen years ago. He’s becoming a wonderful young man with a good heart and a wonderful sense of humor. I’m blessed to be his mom and I can’t wait to see what he becomes and what he does in his life. We are on the tip of that… of what he is to become.  Growth and change are inevitable and I guess I’m needing more acceptance. Deep down, I’m happy to see him grow and become more independent. Hasn’t my role all along been to train him to leave and not need me so much? Through these years, he is becoming more and more of who he is supposed to be, and truth be told…
I’m really excited to see who I held in my arms.


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