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by Kelly

Project 365 Week 28

July 14, 2014 in Photography, Project 365 by Kelly

188/365 Santa Fe Railyard
188/365 Santa Fe Railyard

189/365 El Santuario de Chimayo
189/365 El Sancturio de Chimayo

190/365 Santa Fe Sunset
190/365 Santa Fe Sunset

191/365 Vigil Stop General Store
191/365 Vigil Stop

192/365 New Mexico Church
192/365 New Mexico Church

193/365 Bunk Buddies
193/365 Bunk Buddies

194/365 I think the student is tired of the teacher.
I guess my punk lost interest in how to program a VPN. Gee, I don’t know why. (zzzzz)

194/365 I think the student got tired of the teacher.

by Kelly

Project 365 Week 27

July 11, 2014 in Photography, Project 365 by Kelly

181/365 Fifteen 181/365 Fifteen 182/365 Reflection 182/365 Reflection 183/365 They can never just walk by motorcycles 183/365 Guys can never just walk by a motorcycle 184/365 He’s feeling old these days. 184/365 He's feeling old these days 185/365 Happy July 4th!
Despite our best efforts, a nice family photo just wasn’t going to happen today.

185/365 Happy July 4th! 186/365 First razor shave.
The electric razor just wasn’t cutting it anymore! 186/365 First razor shave 187/365 Ghost Town Church
San Jose Church in Cerillos, NM 187/365 San Jose Church in Cerillos, NM

by Kelly

Project 365 Week 26

June 30, 2014 in Photography, Project 365 by Kelly

174/365 Window Guard Dog
174/365 Window Guard Dog

175/365 Watermelon Killer
175/365 Watermelon Killer

176/365 Ear Scratches
176/365 Ear scratches

177/365 Gemma
177/365 Sweet Little Gemma

178/365 My Sexy Yardman
178/365 My sexy yardman

179/365 My Favorite Tennis Player
179/365 Tennis

180/365 Backhand
180/365 Backhand

by Kelly

Project 365 Week 25

June 22, 2014 in Photography, Project 365 by Kelly

167/365 The Cuddliest Dog Ever
I don’t care what you say, we have the best golden retriever ever.
167/365 Cisco makes everyone feel better

168/365 Could someone get the lights?
It’s too bright in here.
168/365 Could someone get the lights?

169/365 Hi Mom!
Is that a treat on top of your lens?
169/365 Hi Mom

170/365 Deep Slumber
My oldest punk came home exhausted from work and collapsed on my bed for an hour.
170/365 Slumber

171/365 How do you win this peg game?
After getting his wisdom teeth pulled, my oldest punk was alittle stir crazy by day two, so we headed to Cracker Barrel for pancakes.
171/365 How do you win this peg game?

172/365 Dog Days of Summer
The first time I saw her do this, I thought she was dead. Nope. She sleeps like this in the grass all the time. Weirdo.
172/365 Dog Days

173/365 Helping Dad
A new wireless access point is being configured and our boys love learning technology as much as their dad does.
173/365 Helping Dad

by Kelly

Disney Tips and Tricks

June 18, 2014 in Travel, Video by Kelly

We have been to Disney World so many times that I have a few fun tips to share with you. (This throw back is from 2009.)


#1 Rent the mini boats. It’s one of the best rides you’ll experience as you whip all around Seven Seas Lagoon. You can rent them at The Grand Floridian. (2009 Holding up Mr. Potato Head as part of a school math project tracking his mileage.)
iphone pic's 080

#2 Want Pineapple Dole Whip but don’t want to go into The Magic Kingdom to get it? Then head on over to Captain Crooks Cafe at The Polynesian Hotel. You just buy a bowl and help yourself. Certain members of our family have been known to pile their Dole whip quite high. (2013)

#3 If you are headed to Epcot, use the back entrance. There’s never a line! How to get there? We have parked at Fantasia Golf, walked through the Swan & Dolphin Hotel to the boats and taken the boat to the back entrance of Epcot. Win #1 No charge for parking. Win #2 No crowded entrance. (2013 Goofing off and waiting out a rainstorm in Japan)

#4 If members of your party are all older like ours, hit the single rider lines! You will sail through the lines if you are willing to break up your party a bit. Most every time we have done this, we’ve all ridden back to back and usually exit the rides at the same time.

#5 If you are headed to Animal Kingdom, take a poncho for each family member. When you ride the water rides, you can slip it on and then walk around the park the rest of the day dry.  Believe me, it keeps kids from getting cranky. If you forget the ponchos, then make this your last ride of the day.

#6 If you are headed to The Magic Kingdom, head straight to Space Mountain and ride it first. Lines will be at a minimum first thing in the morning.
Disney Day

#7 If you are headed to Hollywood Studios, don’t miss Animation Academy at The Magic of Disney Animation pavilion. We could spend the entire day here. Seriously, the entire day. Like the whole day. Like the whole entire day. Seriously. If you are in Disneyland, head on over to California Adventure, Animation Building for your animation lessons. (2013)
Disney Day

#8 Nearly every visit we make a priority seating reservation and eat at  Ohana’s at The Polynesian Hotel. It’s a Luau, Disney style and the food is wonderful, AYCE. We also play a round of Fantasia Golf every time  we are in Orlando. It’s one of the off the beaten path things to do, less crowded and great family time seeing who can beat who. The Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue is a fun old-fashioned dinner show that we enjoyed years ago and keep talking about heading back to.  There are so many choices when it comes to Disney dining and we’ve tried most of them. Do your research and chances are you’ll end up being pleased. (2009)

#9 Are you celebrating a birthday? Anniversary? Graduation? Chances are, Disney has a button for you. It’s a cute keepsake, but throughout your day, cast members will be wishing you a Happy Birthday. While in Disneyland last year on my husband’s birthday, we walked into a store, the cast member spotted me with my husband, pulled me aside, and asked our last name. She then paged him overhead saying he had a phone call. My Beloved’s first reaction was, how did my work find me in Disney? When he put the phone up to his ear, it was Goofy and Mickey wishing him and Happy Birthday. We all had a good laugh over that one, and I earned an extra pin for “helping to make a magical moment.” Also, many restaurants in the park offer a free dessert on your birthday. In Disney World, you can pick a button up at the Vacation Planning Booth. If you are in Disneyland, stop by City Hall on your left as you enter the park, near the Firehouse. (Fun Fact: The top of the Firehouse was Walt’s personal apartment in the park.) (2013)

#10 If you are flexible with when you want to visit, then visit Disney in late January, but before President’s Day when the crowds are nearly non-existent. The weather is wonderful and let me just reiterate, then crowds are nearly non-existent which equals a wonderful time for all. When our kids were young, we went at the end of January. Airfare was cheap and Disney was a dream… for all of us :)

Now that our punks are older, they only want to go to Epcot… so they can eat… and let me tell you… they eat their way around the world!

Disney 2002                                                                                     Disney 2014

P1270031                         Screenshot_2014-06-18-11-17-43-1

Here’s a video from our day at Epcot last week.

A day at Epcot from Kelly Webb on Vimeo.